Here at RPS, we believe that working with the community is an essential aspect of operating a helpful and healthy business. If you work in an industry or with a company that you feel we could be of assistance to, please contact us by clicking here.

There are many benefits as a professional to inviting your clients to a free consultation from the RPS team. Whether or not you are a member of the following industries, we would be pleased to offer you a one-on-one meeting to further discuss how RPS can help you and your business.

RPS helps real estate agents and brokers improve their clients' satisfaction, referral rate and time to market by preparing their client's home to show to its full potential, in a swift, efficient manner; staging the home to look fresh, clean and ready for viewing. Click here for a free consultation.

Retirement and Senior Citizen Residences
RPS works on a regular basis with many retirement and seniors residences in the Halton, Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga areas and prides itself on its strong relationships it has nurtured through years of industry experience. Ask the team which care facilities they have worked with, by clicking here.

Senior Centres
As a source for essential information, many Seniors Centres act as the go-to place for mature people to seek out information for everything from moving services to salsa classes. By providing information about RPS to your visitors, you will be offering a unique service that will maintain their peace of mind.

Estate Lawyers
If you have clients who are left with the daunting task of clearing out an entire home or property without the time or resources to do it themselves, RPS would be an ideal fit. For a swift, efficient and thorough estate clearance, ensuring that the home can be shown to its full potential and your clients receive a fair price, call RPS today.

Due to circumstances beyond control, you may suddenly be in need of the RPS team. Whether you live in the neighbourhood or are temporarily or permanently out of town, we can handle all the details of the clearance and/or sale of the property. Click here to find out how.

Funeral Home Staff
RPS can be of great service to your clients if their family is from out of town and/or are not able to sort, pack and clear the home of their loved one for resale from where they live. The RPS team is always sensitive and careful of the situations of each of their clients, so by referring RPS to these clients, you will help alleviate stress and anxiety for them at this difficult time.

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